Is the rising cost of living making life in the UK too expensive?
Participants: 778
Would more police working at night decrease crime?
Participants: 1,454
Is the best way to reduce littering to add more bins?
Participants: 1,544
Is autumn the best season?
Participants: 1,433
Should everyone buy electric cars?
Participants: 1,442
Is better funding for the police the way to solve crime?
Participants: 1,286
Should we improve transport to prevent overpopulation of our cities?
Participants: 1,363
Should flying be more expensive to fight climate change?
Participants: 1,104
Should food companies donate food to stop poverty?
Participants: 1,954
Should we give youth more free activities to end youth crime?
Participants: 855
Transition: Is it hard to navigate a bigger school with more students?
Participants: 50
Transition: Should I spend more time making new friends or hanging out with my old friends?
Participants: 97
Transition: Is it safer to bring cash for school lunches or pay by card?
Participants: 30
Transition: Is the best way to stay organised to turn in work online?
Participants: 48
Transition: Is it better to defend people who are getting bullied or to not get involved?
Participants: 142
Transition: Will making more friends in high schools improve mental health?
Participants: 33
Should we travel abroad during the summer?
Participants: 814
Should pupils be able to appoint their headteacher?
Participants: 1,840
Should mothers stay at home and look after their children?
Participants: 1,557
TLYA: Is immigration a good thing or a bad thing?
Participants: 0
Should a country ever go to war?
Participants: 1,482
Should young people go to bed at the same time every night?
Participants: 1,934
Should we only eat food produced in Britain?
Participants: 1,910
Should animals live in a zoo?
Participants: 1,899
Should schools spend more time/money on arts education?
Participants: 1,640
Should we give free homes to the homeless?
Participants: 2,752
Is climate change the worst problem in human history?
Participants: 1,568
Should NHS workers have more child benefit than us?
Participants: 1,064
Should animal testing be banned?
Participants: 2,581
Should schools offer more support in mental health services?
Participants: 918
Is technology making our life better?
Participants: 3,305
Should we force people to vote?
Participants: 2,072
Can children make a big difference to climate change?
Participants: 4,141
Should 10 year olds have a mobile phone?
Participants: 3,136
Does reality TV do more harm than good?
Participants: 1,275
Does everyone deserve to be loved?
Participants: 3,837
Is January the worst month?
Participants: 9,284
Should we ban uniforms?
Participants: 7,295
Should boys and girls go to different schools?
Participants: 7,313
In general, which is better? The book or the film?
Participants: 3,818
Should everyone be vegetarian?
Participants: 4,140
Are New Yearโ€™s resolutions a waste of time?
Participants: 1,998
What would motivate you more in a job? Money or happiness?
Participants: 2,735
Is it fair to punish everyone for a few studentsโ€™ behaviour?
Participants: 3,858
Should the Government focus their spending on health or sport?
Participants: 3,457
Should we tackle pollution by banning paper?
Participants: 3,508
Should people get the same pay for all jobs?
Participants: 4,261
Should there be a population limit for cities?
Participants: 3,014
Is Youtube a good or bad thing?
Participants: 3,591
Should billionaires exist?
Participants: 2,648
Should you feel guilty about killing insects?
Participants: 2,208
Whatโ€™s more important? Protecting the environment or exploring space?
Participants: 1,905
Should teachers be replaced by computers?
Participants: 1,418
Which would you prefer? Being scared of nothing or being scared of everything?
Participants: 2,082
Should Britain have a Royal Family?
Participants: 1,208
Should ESports be in the next Olympics?
Participants: 1,227
What came first? The chicken or the egg?
Participants: 1,330
Would you trust a self-driving car?
Participants: 1,316
Is it better to have knowledge or imagination?
Participants: 1,843
How important is it for people to be able to visit the Houses of Parliament building?
Participants: 1,909
Is social media a good thing or a bad thing?
Participants: 1,661
How important is it that the Houses of Parliament building sets an example for protecting the environment?
Participants: 2,817
Should the Olympics be held this summer?
Participants: 1,461
How important is it that the Houses of Parliament Building is protected and saved for future generations?
Participants: 1,675
Can one person change the world?
Participants: 1,299
Should children be allowed to vote in elections?
Participants: 1,922
Is there too much money in football?
Participants: 1,881
Should we continue wearing face masks after the end of the pandemic?
Participants: 1,497
Is school detention a good thing?
Participants: 907
Is it good to have a strict teacher?
Participants: 3,902
Should you show empathy to everyone?
Participants: 2,407
If you had a robot that could do homework, would you ask it to do yours?
Participants: 1,590
Is it right that reopening schools is the number one priority?
Participants: 6,055
Should having the internet be a human right?
Participants: 7,487
Should the school day be longer to make up for lost learning?
Participants: 1,265
Is the coronavirus and the pandemic being focused on too much?
Participants: 9,447
Should everyone be forced to have a coronavirus vaccine?
Participants: 6,866
Should you be able to buy a coronavirus vaccine?
Participants: 6,116
Is lockdown easier or harder this time?
Participants: 5,923
Is the national lockdown the right or wrong thing to do?
Participants: 1,639